Duluth Historical Society Community Outreach

The Alice Strickland House in Duluth, Georgia, is an historic landmark, a community destination point, and the home of the Duluth History Museum.  It proudly sits on a grassy knoll with a small pecan grove, gardens, and nature preserve and continues to serve the community since early in the 1920s.  It is a venue for educational programs, community events, and the Historical Society and the well-maintained property includes acres of green space for the enjoyment of visitors, including, children, families, veterans and senior citizens.  It is an open non-denominational venue for the girl scouts, boy scouts and has been the recipient of two completed Eagle Boy Scout projects and has been declared a National Wildlife Habitat due to the work of the Girl Scout Troops who meet at the Strickland House.

Educational programs:

  • - Partnered with Gwinnett Library System
  • - Provided community with Indian Heritage Day
  • - Hosted two book lectures with Gwinnett Public Library and Gwinnett Reads Program
  • - Conducted an American Girl Tea Party with Gwinnett Public Library
  • - Joined w/Children’s Reading Pgm & Tail Wagging Tutors where children read to therapy dogs
  • - Annual Educational Program for Spring Gardening and Plant Sale
  • - Storytelling, by actors in period costume, of historical characters i.e. Ben Franklin, Mary Gay, Mrs. Ben Franklin, Alice Strickland


Venue for Community Events:

  • -     Hosted four weddings in the last 5 years, one for the Great,  Great Grandson of Mrs. Alice Strickland, homeowner of the estate in the 1920s.
    -      Facility has been used as the backdrop for three film companies for shoots
    -      Home of girl scout and boy scout troops
    -      Conducted senior citizen private tours
    -      Sponsored an Old Timer’s Luncheon


Venue for Duluth History Museum and Historical Society
  • - Sponsored Historic Photo Contest, city wide
  • - Hosted author, Elliot Brack
  • - Annual holiday events for families
  • - Christmas Extravaganza Open House
  • - Museum provides several rotating exhibits annually
  • - Veterans exhibit from the Civil war, WWI, WWII, Korean Conflict, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, and through to today.


Additional Historical Society Activities:
  • - Monthly meetings with Fireside Chats for visitors and members to learn more about the history of Duluth are held in the Strickland House grand living room.
  • - Annual Chattapoochie Dog Fest, honoring Mrs. Zigler, granddaughter of Alice Strickland, who creator of the first Gwinnett County Humane Society in 1950
  • - Annual partner with the Duluth Dog Mayor program.
  • - Annually during city fall festival, provides tours of the ‘callaboose’, first jail in Duluth in 1829.
  • - Sponsored a Secret Garden Tour of neighboring homes
  • - Prepares for Duluth City Hall, a showcase of Duluth’s history in a rotating exhibit.


Alice Strickland House Property (green space):
  • - Provides a small nature preserve with walking trails, native plants, courtesy of two Eagle Scouts
  • - Property is a dedicated National Wildlife Habitat, courtesy of Jr. Girl Scout Troop #1945
  • - Offers Community Garden plots for residents to lease, plant, tend, and reap their crops
  • - Practices hydroponics and rain water conservation
  • - Hydroponics and rain water conservation


The immediate future plans include:

The Alice Strickland House and Property continues to expand and the following are in process by the Duluth Historical Society:
  • - The Veterans Memorial Gardens, honoring our fallen soldiers
  • - Greenhouse Gems, propagating native plants for educational and enjoyment












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