A listing of Duluth Mayors

Below is a listing of Duluth Mayors from 1907 through 1936. We are currently working on a complete list.

Year Mayors
1907 D. W. Wilson
1908 D. W. Wilson
1909 D. W. Wilson
1910 D. W. Wilson
1911 Mac Pittard
1912 Mac Pittard
1913 W. B. Rutledge
1914 W. B. Rutledge
1915 D. W. Wilson
1916 W. E. Jones
1917 W. E. Jones
1918 W. R. Jones
1919 J. E. Lowe
1920 J. W. Knox
1921 H. G. Herron
1922 C. E. Strickland
1923 Alice Strickland
1924 H. G. Herron
1925 H. G. Herron
1926 H. G. Herron
1927 H. G. Herron
1928 J. C. Bagwell
1929 J. C. Bagwell
1930 H. G. Herron
1931 G. B. Strickland
1932 J. C. Bagwell
1933 H. G. Herron
1934 L. R. Echols
1935 L. R. Echols
1936 W. B. Shirley


Georgia's First Woman Mayor - Duluth's Own Alice Harrel Strickland

In the near future, a "short tour" video will be available upon request.