Grand Opening - 5/30/2009

We celebrated our Grand Opening of our new museum on May 30th. Our special guest that day was Alice Ziegler - the granddaughter of Alice Harrel Strickland who, along with her husband, built the house in the late 1800's.

Also on hand was our Mayor of Duluth and several character actors dressed in period costumes that mingled with the guests compliments of Duluth's New Dawn Theater.

Enjoy the pictures below. By simply moving your mouse over a picture, it will expand.

Strickland House

Grand Opening

Judy Wilson

Mayor Harris

The Ribbon Is
Cut By Alice

Alice and Judy

Some of the Crowd on hand

Some more of the crowd

Alice and Daughter



More Visitors

And More Visitors

Our Story

Teller Was

Very Active

All Afternoon

The Turn Of

The Century

Was Also Busy

All Afternoon

The Union

Soldier Stood

Guard For Us

Our Board of Directors

First Daughters and Granddaughters

Alice started the Gwinnett Humane Society on these grounds. The present officers of that organization came by to see her on this occasion.

And what is a Southern gathering without Funnel Cakes